Middle School Camp

June 14-18, 2021


Middle School One Way Camp is for Middle Schoolers going into the 7th-9th Grade in the Fall of 2021. Throughout the week we will play wild games, yell as loud as we can, get wet, and be messy. (And we might stay up late!) This is a week of dynamic worship, conversation, friendship, and pursuing Jesus!

One Way Camp is a special, vulnerable, exciting place where you can be the real you.

You will meet lifelong friends, enjoy beautiful days and nights in the canyon, and grow deeper in your relationship with Christ.

Have you ever been lost? Didn’t know which direction to go or how to get to where you wanted to be? In today’s world, you just pull out your phone and open the map app, put in where you want to go, and the app shows you where you are and how to get where you want to go. The Christian life is kind of like that as well. We have to be aware of where we are with Jesus, and where Jesus wants us to be with Him. Then we follow the plan for how to live the life Jesus wants us to live.

This year at Middle School One Way Camp we will explore what it means to live our Christian life on purpose, with faith, for Jesus and His Kingdom. We will look at how we begin the Christian life, the challenges we face in living the Christian life, our identity as Christians, and the purpose God has for our lives!