High School One Way

June 21-25 2021


High School One Way Camp is for High School Students going into 9th Grade through Graduated Seniors in the Fall of 2021. We’ll experience freedom and fun in worship with friends, new and old!  It’s all about discovering and becoming who we are made to be and pursuing Jesus in exciting, new ways. This will be a week of growth with community in conversation, engaging worship, dynamic preaching, as well as crazy, messy, loud games, and late nights.

One Way Camp is a special, vulnerable, exciting place where you can be the real you.

You will meet lifelong friends, enjoy beautiful days and nights in the canyon, and grow deeper in your relationship with Christ.


Have you ever tried to shoot an arrow at a target? You have to aim really well to hit the bullseye and you have to follow archery technique. No one starts out in archery, or with anything really, as an expert. You have to learn, practice, and persevere. Finally, you will achieve the goal and hit the target, and maybe even the bullseye. The Christian life is kind of like that as well. We all have to start somewhere. We have to decide for ourselves to live the Christian life. We have to learn the basics of the Christian faith and life. We have to practice the faith daily and eventually, as we keep with it and practice, we become the kind of Christians we want to be.

This year at High School One Way Camp we will explore what it means to live our Christian life on purpose, with faith, for Jesus and His Kingdom. We will look at how we begin the Christian life, the challenges we face in living the Christian life, our identity as Christians, and the purpose God has for our lives.